We specialize in Keepin' it Fresh!


Fresh Transport maintains the highest standards in cleanliness, Unit functionality, and Logistic communication. The majority of our freight is perishable, so we know how to handle it properly. Special care is taken to ensure your freight reaches its destination on time and always stays Fresh

Temp controlled & monitored units. Fresh or Frozen

Available 24/7 for Freight Status updates

Delivered On-Time. Specializing in Perishable & time-sensitive loads. 

Equipt to handle your Dry-goods Logistical needs.

Two main dispatch offices located in Michigan and Missouri.

Contact Information

Fresh Transport Michigan
Fresh Transport Missouri

50 64th Ave. South

Coopersville, MI 49404

5017 Lemay Ferry Road

Saint Louis, MO 63129

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm

24 Hour Service Line


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